Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sock puppet electronics cozy tutorial (pic heavy)

Another motto of mine: NEED FEEDS. My hubby, whom I fondly call Irish, just bought the cutiest-patootiest mini-notebook ever! He's not much of a touch pad guy, though, so he also got a wireless mouse. Because the mouse is about 1/5 the size of the computer, it will hardly fit in the case; and since he daily transports all his study accouterments in his leather backpack, he didn't want the mouse just banging around in there. But the CBL, buy a mouse cover? You jest--of course you do!

I thought of a fast fix which not only enables the mouse/phone/camera/iPod/whatever protection program, but also provides another use for those ubiquitous odd socks.

Start with a sock. A hefty, thick one like this is best for padding.

Put it on like a puppet.

Squeeze the "puppet's" head together.

Turn inside out while holding the squeezed part tightly inside.

Keep going till the former inside is now outside.

Carefully remove your hand and pat the inside (which used to be the outside) into a pocket shape. There will be a double padding now which is great for your electronics.

Stitch the bottom (which used to be the elasticized top of the sock) closed. I happen to dig the blanket stitch.

Sew on a button and ribbon closure and VIOLA! (Yes, VIOLA!)

I liked this one so I pinched it for my cell and am doing another for my digital camera. Irish is using the original prototype which hasn't been sewn together yet. The elastic in that is so good that it holds the mouse in without any further help. I do plan to finish his when I can get it back!


Patty said...

I like it! But it wouldn't work for my camera. Hubby spoiled me two years ago by surprising me with a very nice digital camera with a honking big lens. I'd have to adapt that pattern somehow.