Friday, June 5, 2009

Shrinky Stinks: The sequel

Everyone knows (BWAHAHAHAHAHA!) I don't mind making fun of myself, especially when it's so easy to do. But a normal person learns from her mistakes--or at least, learns not to replicate the same gigantic FAIL as last time. Pas moi, mes amis. I barge on, leaving ever more crafty humiliation in my wake.

To pour salt in my wounds, 6-year-olds can do homemade Shrinky Dinks successfully. However, I and I alone can go from this:

to this:

in under 90 seconds.

Yes, I used #6 plastic and permanent markers in a 350F-degree oven. Yes, I watched it carefully. In fact, I was witness as it curled itself into its now locked and deformed position...mocking me all the way, no doubt.

My Shrinky quest continues. I will someday make nice shrunken plastic foofies, even though what works for others apparently does not wish to cooperate with me.

Still, hope springs eternal. Or something.