Monday, January 25, 2010

Footed Serving Plate Fun!

Whipped this up the other day, just because I was tired of the plain wooden Lazy Susan on my dining table. I wanted something with feet so it would stand out a bit and not just sit flat. The rule was that, in true Crafty Bag Lady style, I had to have everything on hand or find it. I started with a cool decorative plate:

Now for feet...small pegs? Corks? Drawer pulls? I remembered the box of odd brand threads that had been Freecycled to me and had an AHA! moment.

After choosing four identical spools in colors I liked and gluing the loose thread ends to keep them from unraveling, I marked the bottom of the plate with white-out for gluing them in place. (Note: Do as I say and not as I did. First put down a towel before dripping the white-out on your nice tablecloth! Siiiigh.) Then I hot glued each spool into place.

So now it's OUT, boring server and IN, cute new one that cost me exactly zip! And hey, it hides the white-out stain, too. ;-)


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