Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas with The Crafty Bag Lady

What have I been up to all week? Remaking and decorating with salvage, of course! The next few posts will show you a little of Christmas at our home, and how I scarfed most of the sparkles.

First off, the kitchen table. Nothing spectacular here, just an arrangement of three electric candles I got at a last-chance sale last New Year's Eve for 25 cents apiece. I think they're lovely with my dish towel curtains and tablecloth.

Now for the living room/office/sewing room/craft room/studio/whatever.

Except the table, everything in the photo above was rescued from some toss-out bag or another...and that makes the Bag Lady happy!

Here's something I made many years ago, when my kids were small:

It's just sequins and straight pins on a foam ball that cost about 10 cents. I have it atop a salvaged mirror tile with a votive holder (leftover from my Lord of the Rings phase) and a sparkly red foam dot that fell off something.

I dressed up the curtains that line my doorways with vintage ornaments and bits of an old garland, tied up with grosgrain ribbon I got for $.99 a spool.

I'll post more later, after I get 5 more cards ready to mail and have my afternoon coffee.


Patty said...

I especially love the candle surrounded by poinsettas. Gorgeous! You are quite the artistic bag lady.