Friday, April 10, 2009

MSCE 4/10: A writing and reuniting kind of day

This was one of those very busy-busy days in which I had lots of great ideas and no time to implement them--for instance, a beloved niece with whom I've been out of touch for way too long (not by choice) found me online and we had a fantastic reunion. She and I share a birthday, and I've missed her keenly. Naturally, I spent the time with her that I would have given to making some foofie or other for MSCE--and happily so!

However, I did create something this morning before the day got away from me: a Good Friday poem which I shared on my other blog and will reprint here. It's a contemplative expression of my faith, but also of the hope of new life that Spring represents. Tomorrow I'm doing some cool Easter things for my darlin' little grandboys, and I'll be sure to post them. Happy Easter, everyone! Life is beautiful!


Before the Glory is revealed
There is suffering and scourging
Spitting and cursing and untold shame
Bloody betrayal and no companions who remain
Not overcome by presumption of misspent faith
And terror of complicity.

Before the Glory can be seen
Before lilies can burst open, rejoicing
And transformed men forget their own lives
And disconsolate women see past their own pain--
One being no less miraculous than the other--
Life must turn its face away
And disinherit all hope.

A grave-lust must be satisfied
The seed fallen in darkness and forgotten
And shadows, prematurely triumphant,
Swallow Light alive
And crow in celebration
At the presumed victory.

Before the Glory sunrise brings,
First comes the stone
Of Reckoning.

© 2009 Sharon L. Shannon All rights reserved

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