Thursday, April 9, 2009

Welcome to my kitchen

It's a galley, too small for more than one person to fit in at a time...a happy little nook of clutter. Yep, those are dirty dishes in and around the sink, and clean ones in the drainer that need to be put away. I'm too busy writing in blogs, updating on Facebook, soaking in grandbaby love, and fiddling around making stuff. Who's got time for spotlessness? I do love to cook, though--meaning, seeing what's in the cupboard and putting it together. The fun is in the challenge. Plan ahead? Not much. Whatever ingredients are on sale/in season in any given week end up in some humble but (I like to think) tasty dinner presentation at Castle Shannon. In 34 years, I've only had one memorable failure: As a newlywed, I tried mixing sauerkraut, hot dogs, and mushroom soup. Not recommended!

Tonight I think it's chicken thighs with soy sauce, peanuts, and and peaches. The King will have a nice baked potato and my side will be a yam with pumpkin pie spices. A simple salad will tie it together.

Here's what hangs over my stove:

Words to live by!


Patty said...

Cute little one-butt kitchen!